Dr. James H. Carr (  Jim Carr )


I am a bass player (latin, rock, rumba, soul, reggae, country, salsa, blues, folk, jazz, urban r&b, bluegrass, soca, oldies, reggaeton, flamenco, etc.).

Current or recent collaboration with Nina N the Travelers, Lennon-Page Trio, Cedric Buard (NotoriUS), Celeste Moyers, Tommy Ovington, Dahveed Ben Israel, Backseat Molly, and Brendan Dawes (references available).

I live in Denton, Texas—my wife is a UNT music professor. I may be free to rehearse, gig, record, and tour, so please inquire! Besides live and recorded bass work, I score, chart, compose, arrange, conduct, sing, coach, and teach. I play 4-string, 5-string, fretless, and upright bass.


Jim Carr — electric bassist